Diamond planet: India born scientist finds a gem in the space

At the first time when I saw the picture (see below) in the internet, I thought it’s just a hoax.


But later I googled and figured out that a team in Yale University has recently discovered a new planet, dubbed Cancri 55 e, which is about 40 lightyears away from us. Nikku Madhusudhan, a India-born scientist and postdoctoral researcher from the Yale team calls this exoplanet (‘exo’ since it’s outside our solar system) Super Earth as it’s twice larger and 8 times heavier than our earth. ¬†Cancri 55 e is¬†carbon rich and it’s huge density indicates that it is mostly in form of graphites and diamonds.

So if you want to become rich, get a huge bag and a digger and board on a spacecraft for a 40 LY away journey!