Diamond planet: India born scientist finds a gem in the space

At the first time when I saw the picture (see below) in the internet, I thought it’s just a hoax.


But later I googled and figured out that a team in Yale University has recently discovered a new planet, dubbed Cancri 55 e, which is about 40 lightyears away from us. Nikku Madhusudhan, a India-born scientist and postdoctoral researcher from the Yale team calls this exoplanet (‘exo’ since it’s outside our solar system) Super Earth as it’s twice larger and 8 times heavier than our earth.  Cancri 55 e is carbon rich and it’s huge density indicates that it is mostly in form of graphites and diamonds.

So if you want to become rich, get a huge bag and a digger and board on a spacecraft for a 40 LY away journey!


Higgs hunters but not Higgs: 2013 Fundamental Physics Prize



It must be a happy moment for Stephen Hawking that his contribution on Black Hole physics has been recognized through the announcement of awarding the Fundamental Physics Prize in the Special category for the year 2013. As everyone might have already expected, string theorists Alexander Polyakov, and Joseph Polchinski have been selected for the Physics Frontiers Prize. Along with this stringy biasedness, three condensed matter physicists, Charles Kane, Laurens Molenkamp (experimentalist !) and Shoucheng Zhang are also selected for the same prize. String theorists Niklas Beisert, Davide Gaiotto and Zohar Komargodski will be awarded the New Horizons in Physics Prize. And last but not the least, another Special Fundamental Physics Prize has been offered to seven scientists, involved in the Higgs particle hunting project in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), CERN, Switzerland. The funny and the surprising thing is that Peter Higgs’ hands are still empty!

Source: http://www.fundamentalphysicsprize.org/news/news3