Falaco Soliton

I suddenly came across this video on youtube. The video shows a demonstration of Falaco solitons inside a pool. Solitons are by definition solitary waves which retain their shapes during their propagation with time. They arise as solutions of non-linear field equations. One such popular non-linear equation, studied extensively in physics, is the Sine-Gordon equation (see 10th Chapter of Lewis Ryder’s QFT book). Solitons are also considered as topological defects which may appear as kinks in 1D, vortices in 2D, and magnetic monopoles in 3D physical systems.



The video also provides a link to a paper, where the author claims for experimental evidences that show that physical systems can be non-Euclidean (i.e. not our conventional Cartesian space).

To know what Falaco solitons exactly are, I searched for the author (R. M. Kiehn)’s or his group’s webpage. I’m simply quoting from their page:

“The Falaco Soliton water vortices rotate in opposite directions relative to each other on the flat surface of the water. It has been experimentally determined but is not immediately evident from watching the video that the rotating pairs are dynamically connected by a (nearly) 1 dimensional “stringlike” feature that the discoverer (R.M. Kiehn) describes as a “wormhole”.”

Whoaaaah ! Wormhole !

Solitons in a pool may not be a new thing, since John Scott Russell first reported solitary waves during late 19th century in the Union Canal of Scotland.

However, I’ll strongly recommend to look at the page. It may contain the key to unwind the Bermuda Triangle mystery.


4 thoughts on “Falaco Soliton

    • Sorry Ramirez, I missed your comment. I guess, Bermuda Triangle used to be one of the famous unsolved mysteries of its time (during ’80s). Later probably many people started believing that there are more myths than real facts. Anyway, I wasn’t too serious to claim about the mystery. Rather I intended to point that readers may visit
      the webpage, that I’ve mentioned, to get a scientific explanation of the spinning compass anomaly, if it ever happens in any part of the world. That place may look like a triangle, rectangle, or any sort of geometrical shape.

  1. Can you please elaborate on the link between solitons and magnetic monopoles? Does this also arise from the Sine-Gordon eqn? Would like to know further…any references, apart from Ryder?

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